Professional Negligence

Negligence in divorce proceedings

Did you know, in an estimated 75% of divorces, pensions have been undervalued by tens of thousands of pounds due to solicitors’ negligence? If you got divorced after 2000 and your ex spouse had a pension, you may have a claim for compensation against your previous solicitor for mishandling your case.

If you’re interested in getting the compensation you deserve, we can help. From us, you can expect:

  • No contact required with your ex-husband or wife
  • No win no fee
  • Highly skilled court advocates
  • An understanding, pragmatic manner

No-one deserves to be given the wrong advice during a divorce settlement. It can be costly and have a negative effect on your future. But even if you feel you were misinformed, it can be difficult to raise a dispute with a professional. We can alleviate any further trauma and help you settle your case, drawing on our expertise as a specialist family law practice. We’ll make sure you have the best representation in any claim against a negligent divorce solicitor.

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