How to legally change your name

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There are several reasons why you may wish to change your name. Marriage or Civil Partnership are some of the most common reasons which encourage you to change all, or part, of your name. At Pinnington Law we provide a quick and efficient service that ensures your name is legally changed under English law.

As with most legal situations, there is a process which you will need to follow in order for the change of name deed to be considered legal and for your name to actually change. We will help you through this entire process, ensuring all of your official documents acknowledge your name change. You can start using a new name whenever you wish; however, you will need a Deed Poll in order for official documents to recognise this change of name. These official documents may include a driving licence and passport.

As long as you supply us with the full details regarding your current name and personal information, as well as your new name, we can accurately prepare all of your paperwork so that it is ready for you to sign.

In most instances, we require our fees to be paid in advance so that we are able to prepare the Change of Name Deed within 24 hours of your request. We also offer fixed fee services for most of our legal work and free initial consultations to help you with any legal matters you may have.

Changing your Name

If you have become married or entered a civil partnership you do not need a Change of Name Deed to start using your partner’s surname. You can send a copy of your Civil Partnership or marriage certificate to record holders with a cover letter. By following this process, your documents and records can be changed to the new surname for free. However, if you wish to have a double-barreled surname you will require a Change of Name Deed.

In some instances you may request a Change of Name due to dissolution of Civil Partnership or Divorce. In this situation you will need to send in your marriage certificate and your Decree Absolute or your Final Order and Civil Partnership Certificate. Depending on the organisation with which you are requesting to change your name, you may also need a Change of Name Deed.

Changing Your Child’s Name

If you wish to change your child’s name, it is possible for you to do so as long as you hold the parental responsibility for your child. If the parental responsibility for your child is with someone else then this person will need to grant permission for the name change.

This right exists to protect parents during a divorce or separation in which the spouse may try to change the child’s name in order to establish custody or, in extreme cases, to try and hide the child. In England, there have been numerous cases where expat parents try to leave England in order to prevent the other parent from having contact with the child. Therefore, these instances have made it necessary to introduce certain child protection laws. As such, name changes will not be deemed legal without a Change of Name Deed and signature of those who hold the parental responsibility.

We will help you in any legal matter concerning children and their name change. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Change of Name Deed and the process, although it is worth noting that it can often take a long time for different record offices to certify the use of this new name.

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