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We have a team of divorce solicitors in Manchester who specialise in divorce cases. Our experienced staff provide our clients with a supportive and sensitive approach to divorce proceedings. We can professionally negotiate the legal process of divorce, which can often be an emotional and stressful time for those involved. Our efficient and experienced legal team will provide regular updates to keep you informed about the progress of your divorce case, as well as answering any questions you may have throughout your divorce proceedings.

Divorce cases often require important financial and family decisions to be made. As such, it is important that you receive comprehensive legal support in order to arrange amicable divorce proceedings.

We understand that money is an important aspect of divorce proceedings. Consequently, our clients can benefit from a fixed fee setup; so that they are fully aware of our legal costs before commencing your divorce proceedings.

Our expert solicitors are at hand to help with your case and will endeavour to help you determine a suitable legal resolution.

Financial settlements and pension situations often arise during divorce; especially for couples who have lived together for numerous years. Our staff of financial experts can help answer any questions you may have regarding these situations, as well as helping you to arrange and resolve your post-divorce financial situation.

4 Steps to Divorce

  1. The Petition
  2. The Acknowledgement of Service
  3. Decree Nisi
  4. Decree Absolute

The Petition

The petition allows you to apply for divorce by asking for the court’s permission. You will be required to state a reason for the divorce.

The Acknowledgement of Service

Once the petition is sent to the court, you will be issued with an Acknowledgement of Service form. This form is sent to the respondent (i.e. your spouse), along with the petition, and will inform them that you have requested a divorce. They will be asked to fill out some questions about when they received the form as well as the reason for the divorce. This process enables your spouse to contest the divorce if they object to it.

Decree Nisi

Once these two steps are complete you must apply for the Decree Nisi. The court will issue a cirtificate of entitlement indicating that you are entitled to the divorce and setting a date for the Decree Nisi.

Decree Absolute

Finally, the Decree Absolute is the legal document which officially terminates your marriage. This decree can only be applied for after 6 weeks have passed since the authentication of the Decree Nisi. This delay in between these decrees permits both parties to consult with your solicitors and resolve any issues regarding financial matters, children, as well as any other issues which must be addressed as a result of your divorce.

Your solicitor will help you throughout this application process. We will prepare all the necessary forms which you are required to sign in order to ensure that the divorce is completed.

Fixed fee divorce costs

We provide a fixed-fee where both parties cooperate with the divorce process.
Our fixed-fee includes:

  • Initial consultation for up to one hour
  • Preparation of the paperwork
  • Correspondence with your spouse/civil partner or their solicitor
  • Correspondence with the court
  • Applying for the decree absolute/final order

Fees for petitioners

The party starting the divorce proceedings is referred to as the “Petitioner”.

Our fees: £750
VAT: £150
Court Fees: £550
Total: £1,450

Fees for respondents

If your spouse or civil partner is issuing the proceedings, you are referred to as the “Respondent”.

Our fees: £450
VAT: £90
Total: £540

What is not included?

→ Advice regarding arrangements for children
→ Advice on the financial aspect of your separation
→ Representation at court in relation to cost orders
→ Obtaining a copy of your marriage certificate
→ Personal service upon the respondent if appropriate
→ An application for deemed service or to dispense with service if the Respondent does not file the Acknowledgment of Service to the court
→ Court fees relating to any of these applications above

The above fees are subject to any changes in the rate of VAT or changes to court fees made by the government.

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